Commissioned by Attendant Coffee Roasters

YEAR:   2020/21
PLACE:  London, United Kingdom
TYPE:   Commercial Interior

Attendant 4 is an interior design project for a coffeehouse chain in London. Located in Canary Wharf, the project seeks to provide a serene escape from the bustling corporate world that surrounds it by confronting the visitor with a play of opposites. The interior space is defined by a clearly demarcated yet inviting green box, to emphasise the atmospheric threshold with the monotonously grey surroundings of the site while also reflecting the brand’s sustainable identity.

The calm green enclave consists mainly of two materialities: stained oak wood paneling for the furniture and terrazzo for the floor. An accent is provided by the materiality of the bar, which is adorned in corrugated aluminum sheets providing a sense of reflectivity and texture in relation to the tactile but flush oak. The colour of the wood blends harmoniously with the cementitious binder of the terrazzo, which in combination with the metal bar gives the entire space a unified and refined finish.

Various wood furniture elements define the edges of the green box and seamlessly consolidate different functionalities into one holistic appearance. With the same aesthetic language, the banquette seating islands provide the customers with a sense of seclusion, while moveable planters orderly guide the visitors along their journey through the space. The geometric simplicity of the furniture elements is countered by the exposed ceiling equipment, which adds a level of industrial complexity to the space. To enhance the experience of the customer, the proportion of the sit-down area is scaled down by an enclosed kitchen, which protrudes into the room and additionally provides storage for the bar area.

The placement of the bar, as the protagonist of the coffeehouse, was determined by an elaborate study of customer and work flows conducted in collaboration with the client. The position divides the different types of visitors — take-out vs. sit-down — upon entry, while the orientation assures an efficient workflow for the staff at peak times and gives them a panoptic overview of the entire space. Like a metallic serpent, the elongated bar curves fluidly into a u-shape, from the long end which is used to serve food and coffee, to the short end which has an integrated cocktail-station to mix drinks during after-work hours. Through the multi-functionality of the bar and the simplicity of the overall design, the project aims to provide a timeless and lasting aesthetic.

Team: Jorik Bais, Alexandra Heijink +
Baqus Construction Consultancy, Embassy Joinery & Refurbishment