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London, UK
Commercial Interior
Client: Attendant Coffee Roasters
150 m2



Located right next to Canary Wharf, Coffeehouse 4 seeks to provide an escape from the hectic corporate world that surrounds it.

Adhering to the fresh and honest identity of the coffee brand, the majority of the interior is demarcated by an inhabitable green box made up of various materials. The bar is oriented perpendicular to the entrance to divide the different customer flows for the sit-down and the take-out area upon entry. This placement simultaneously offers the staff a much needed overview to increase work efficiency.

An enclosed kitchen space protrudes into the room to wrap and hide the centre column and improve the proportion of the sit-down area. The area is divided further by two parallel banquette seating elements, offering customers a sense of seclusion when seated.

Team: Jorik Bais, Alexandra Heijink +
Baqus Construction Consultancy, Embassy Refurbishment, HCE catering, Turton BC, Summit