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Leipziger Str. 60
c/o Konzulat Studios
D—10117 Berlin

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AUD–A is a Berlin based office led by Jorik Bais, working within and beyond the domains of architecture, urbanism and interior design.

We operate out of the belief that every assignment is unique in its conditions and requires a holistic approach — by framing projects within the broader context of their setting, we unravel case-specific opportunities in regard to purpose, functionality and longevity.

Our aim: to conceptualise, design & build spatial solutions for urban culture — simple yet distinctive buildings, spaces and objects that build a timeless and intrinsic relation with their environment and its users.

AUD–A is a collaborative practice with a network reaching across Berlin, Rotterdam, London & Shanghai. If the conditions of a project expand into territories beyond the domains we usually operate in, we extend our expertise by collaborating with specialists from related fields of practice; their input leads to more substantiated decisions throughout the design process.


︎︎︎ Architecture (LPH 1-9)

︎︎︎ Interior Design (LPH 1-9)

︎︎︎ Research & Consulting

︎︎︎ All-In-One Brand Design

︎︎︎ Furnishing & Decoration

︎︎︎ Parametric Optimisation

︎︎︎ Bespoke Furniture Design


Publication "innovative emerging practices"

2022 — TU Delft Graduation Studio Complex Projects Guest Critic & Lecturer

2022 — DIA Dessau MSc.1 Studio Guest Critic

2022 — XJazz! Festival Furniture Design Completed

2021 — 1. Prize E16 Competition Alte JVA Landshut

2021 — 4. Prize Portugal Hotel Competition

2021 — Attendant 4 Coffeeshop Completed