Commissioned by XJazz! Festival

YEAR:   2022
PLACE:  Berlin, Germany
TYPE:   Furniture Design

Festivals are ephemeral yet recurring —— so are the functional objects that accommodate them. The organisation of XJazz! Festival Berlin was looking for a flexible furniture piece that could easily be deconstructed, moved and reused.

Inspired by the aesthetic appearance of a wall-piano, this table-like structure is intended as a multifunctional object serving a variety of use-cases; from DJ-booth to ticket desk and merchandise stand.

The design relies solely on CNC'd wood connections. By avoiding the use of screws or glue, the object can be disassembled in less than two minutes, requiring no additional tools.

Team: Jorik Bais, Matthias Klein (C/O Magick), Max Hoffmann (Autostrada Studios), Sebastian Hecht (XJazz!), Alexandra Heijink — photos by Eike Walkenhorst