YEAR:   2022
PLACE:  Lensahn, Germany
TYPE:   Public Library

A library is more than just a collection of books; it is a communal space for encounter and exchange. Our design proposal for the new Lensahn library focuses on creating a compact, yet spacious building that provides its users with ample natural light and flexibility in use to assure a sustainable and future-proof accommodation.

The building's volume is based on the efficient organisation of the desired programs. The ground floor serves as the main library space, partitioned by a series of spatial volumes that house social services, a meeting room and the connection to the town hall. The upper floor accommodates educational spaces and can function autonomously due to a separate entrance via the communal balcony. To enhance flexibility of the main library space, we have incorporated movable shelves, allowing for various alternative uses such as lectures and public events. Reading tables will be seamlessly integrated into the niches between the wooden columns, offering the visitors a secluded place to immerse themselves in a book.

The core area that connects the library and the town hall functions as an independent element, accessible to both buildings. The existing processes in the town hall remain unchanged.

Sustainability is a key consideration in our material choices. Concrete is used only where necessary, for the basement areas and the core. The structure and facade cladding are primarily made of wood, complemented by a recyclable metal roof, ensuring durability and environmental responsibility.

The repetitive wooden structure creates two distinct facades. The north and south facades feature a fan-like arrangement of wooden columns, providing unobstructed views, whereas the east and west windows frame directed views. The west-facing tea kitchen offers a panoramic view of St. Katharinen Church and the east-facing window allows pedestrians on Sundstraße a glimpse of the activity inside, contributing to the library’s identity.

Team: Jorik Bais, Alexandra Heijink, POLA