Competition — Finalist

YEAR:   2021
PLACE:  Alenquer, Portugal
TYPE:   Hotel

Motel Revisited aims to rethink the hotel typology as a public space, stimulating social interaction between guests and visitors by situating the rooms along communal balconies, shifting focus from the individual to the collective. By recessing the rooms into the hill they are cooled naturally in summer.

A covered public terrace with various public programs —— bar, lobby, restaurant, pool —— forms a levelled extension of the existing plaza, appearing as if merely a pavilion when viewed from the winery. These public spaces are cladded with terracotta tiles — the colour reminiscent of the earth on which the wine grapes are grown. When looking from the vineyard, the building suddenly appears volumetric; rooms are stacked between slabs; everyone gets a view.

Team: Jorik Bais, Alexandra Heijink