YEAR:   2020
PLACE:  Madrid, Spain
TYPE:   Library

In an effort to be respectful towards the Plaza de la Villa on which this new library is to be situated, this proposal places the majority of the building underground. Appearing entirely windowless, the pitched roof sits on the plaza like a sculptural object.

Internally, the space is divided by a centrally placed spiral staircase which leads directly down into the library itself. The main library space is consecutively divided into two parts: an area for cataloging books consisting of shelves which clad the structural elements to support the roof cantilever, and a reading area facing the sunken garden to let in natural daylight and provide a calm backdrop when reading. Special books are kept in the treasury, a space with an unorthodox entrance situated in the corner of the room to emphasise the peculiarity of its contents.

Team: Jorik Bais, Alexandra Heijink